Tattooed Muscle Hunk

Bad Puppy sure love their muscle hunks. So do we, of course! Jack Dragon certainly fits into that category. Not only is he thickly built with steel hard beef, but he seems to have a thing for body art as well. Celtic tattoos can look so hot when they're on the right man. That design definitely compliments Jack from my eyes. In case you aren't aware, Jack is actually a porn actor with a few smoking movies under his belt. Whether teamed up with a bunch of other hunks or by himself, Mr. Dragon always lights up the blue screen. Following some posing and slowly stripping off his briefs, he shows off that tight manly ass. His cock is already hard and Jack proceeds to stroke it the way he loves to do in front of the camera. The way he looks into the lens at us while he beats off gets me so hard I can barely stand it!

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