Tattooed Latino Cummer

If you like your latino men on the rough side, with plenty of tattoos and an amazing amount of foreskin on a big cock, then Platinum here from Bi Latin Men should certainly pique your interest. The 24 year old, 6 foot tall thug hails from Guatemala, and I would say that he has no issues with the camera at all. In fact, he's quite the "ham", stroking that 9 inch man hammer until it's fully erect and ready for action. Obviously Platinum takes care of himself, showing off a thick, manly physique. I like the hairdo, too - some kind of mohawk style. He looks like the kind of dude you don't want to mess with. Those tattoos definitely support that tough guy personna. Hot!! Then again, as horny as he was before he shot his load all over his black and white runners, he probably would have accepted some expert head from a willing cocksucker!

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