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Anthony Mengetti is starring in a recent Bear Films DVD called "Grease Monkey Bears" and this week he's stopping by the Bear Films site to give us another peek at his hot, hairy body. I was attracted to Mengetti the first time I saw him. I find him to be a very good-looking man, but he's also got edgy qualities that I love in my men. I do love the thought of being man-handled, told what to do, smacked up the side of the head for not sucking his cock well enough (although I have to say that would never happen). And Mengetti looks like the kind of man who could dole out that kind of attitude. I guess it's the sleeves of tattoos covering his arms that really adds to this image. And when Mengetti strips out his jeans and muscle shirt, he shows off a beautifully solid and hairy body. He's got a great cock, too. It's thick with a deliciously plump cock head, just perfect to fill your mouth and give you something to do for the next 30 minutes or so. I enjoyed watching Mengetti in "Grease Monkey Bears" where he gets his beefy ass fucked, not once, but twice. You can check out his gallery or buy the DVD at Bear Films.

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