tattooed frat boy

Timo Swift is a cute and sexy army boy, and he's beating off in this video from Naked Frathouse. Before he gets down to business, he spends some time talking about his stint in the army and gives us a tour of his tattoos and what they mean.

Timo is a gay and he likes men with large, muscular chests. Timo strips off of his shirts and plays with his nipples while massaging his jeans' crotch. He unbuckles, slips off his pants, and reveals the boner tenting in his shorts. Timo slides his hand into his boxers and teases us a bit before finally releases his stiff pecker.

While stroking his hard dick, this tattooed frat boy plays with his butt hole. He even stands, bends over, and gives us a look while his fingers circle his puckered asshole. After sufficiently working himself up, Timo lies back and beats off, sending a huge stream of spunk sailing across his smooth belly and chest. What a flyer!

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