Tattooed Black Man

I love black man with tattoos. The ink looks so hot against their dark skin, and it there's red in the tattoo, all the better. Ben is a British guy who took it all off for UK Naked Men. And he's wearing nothing but his full beard and body full of tattoos. He starts off his photoset wearing a pair of blue track pants, a white tank top, and a pair of sunglasses. He's smoking a cigarette and getting used to the camera. With his arms exposed, we get a look at his first tattoos - a sleeve of ink up his left arm - green and red foliage mingles with a dragon / griffinesque character, trailing off over his pec. On the other arm, a red and black tiger crawls up his bicep and shoulder. But it doesn't stop there. When Ben pulls of his tank top he's got a red and black sunburst around his belly button, and a tribal swirl pulls our eye down into his crotch. When he's completely naked and showing off his butt, his back is covered in a large tribal pattern that crawls right up the back of his head. And his ass is beautiful - tight and muscular. Ben sits down on the ground and jacks his cock. His low hanging balls bounce between his legs. This man definitely has a nice piece of meat. And even after his cock pumps out a thick load, he continues to tug on his big balls and stroke his cock.



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