I love contradictions. And Derek here is perfect. First, he's the latest photo update on Bear Films. And I love him because he crosses a number of types. He's younger, hairy and cute, so that makes him a cub. But his tattoo sleeves, his facial piercings, and his spikey blonde hair add an air of hardcore rocker. And Derek's a perfect example of why it's so hard to define a bear -- or a cub -- because there aren't any hard and fast rules. As soon as you say that a bear must be older, large-bodied, and hairy, along comes someone like Derek to break the stereotypes. And I applaud Bear Films who, time and again, brings us a wide variety of hot hairy men and bears. Bear Films doesn't get caught up in presenting just one type of man. Derek's got a stocky, hairy body; both arms and his chest are covered in tattoos, and he's got a beard with a piercing in his chin. And wait until he slides his jeans down and shows off his big, beefy, hairy butt. I hope Bear Films invites Derek back to get into some bear action on one of their videos.

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