Tattoo Boys

I was a bit unsure about Tattoo Boys when I first hit upon it. I noticed straight off that there hadn't been any new pics posted for several months. Then I noticed that there weren't many pics to start with. This is, at the moment, not a blog that updates, so what does it do? Well, for a start it shows you a small set of very collectable shots of guys with some incredible tattoos. And then it goes further. You need to click a pic to get to its page and then, beneath the image, you see a list of re-blogs with links to the person who re-posted. Click that link and you find yourself at another site, but one that shares your interest in tattoos. You need to see through the one page to find a whole network of connections, and presumably everyone who re-posts or who is linked here has a similar interest. You can also simply click the name of the person who is listed with each pic on the main page. This will then take you to his or her own blog where you can find more details about what they are into.

So, I concluded that this page was a way to find many and varied guys and gals with a similar interest in tattoos and although it looks small and unloved, it is actually a very clever way to get yourself connected.

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