Tap That Guy

This is another great idea that works on a couple of levels. Tap That Guy is a place where you or me or anyone, can take a candid photo of a sexy guy and share it with the world. Thus the images here come from all around the globe, they are all of hot guys, and many are sent in by fans. That's one level. The other one is that you can trawl through, having a good look at all these varied and sexy (and most importantly, free) men, and see if you are in this collection somewhere. After all, you go out and about, and no one, it seems, is safe from these happy snappers.

There are loads of guys sitting bored on trains, plenty of men in the café, queuing up at the counter, guys on buses, sportsmen on the field, even in the office. But I think my favorite lot were the ones from the beach or the pool; genuine guys who didn't know they were being snapped, standing around in wet swimwear on a sunny day, chilling out with fit mates, and all caught and presented here. Yummy. And you can 'like' the pics and the guys and then see who else liked them. And of course, you can send in your own pics, as well!

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