Introducing PerfectGuyz new 18 year old beauty...Talan This gorgeous young man has a very unique look - milky smooth skin and jet black hair and eyes. He's a college student who is super sexually charged. Many of their guys admit to being highly sexual - but Talan takes it a step beyond. His appetite is nearly insatiable. Maybe it's the stare from his midnight dark eyes or his congenial manner - all they know is that this guy is dynamite! The Asian inspired tattoos are a nice touch. Talan claims he is the ultra-straight guy type - he worships women - of all types. But for the sake of this outstanding photo shoot, let's just pretend he's ours as we drink in his intense charisma and good looks shall we?


Boy oh boy I know this gorgeous lad would be quite bent out of shape once I got my tongue in that young little butthole. I'd make him writhe around like a ragdoll as I brought him to new heights he'd never thought were possible. Bank on it.


That's a sweet pic. Pretty artsy in it's presentation. He'd be the perfect guy for a nude model painting class wouldn't he? Of course, it'd be pretty hard to keep focused on the task at hand. And that wouldn't be the only that's hard.


Nice muscles young man. Yeah, Talan is the real deal. I bet he sticks out wherever he goes. And no, I'm not talking about his cock. He He. I mean that face and that cute little body. No wonder he gets so much attention. Perfect Guyz have done it again with another top notch splendor. Their library is quite full of sensational young men now. No time like the present to pay them a visit to see them all.

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