Tanner is probably the most popular guy at You Love Jack, so they brought him back again so he'd get the opportunity to do his friend, JT. Are JT and Tanner fuck buddies? They didn't say, but it's obvious the two are hot for each other and couldn't wait for the camera to get rolling. They're not even settled on the couch before JT has his hand wrapped around Tanner's cock - a cock, I must add, that is already rigid and standing at attention! It doesn't look like Tanner or JT will take any convincing for more action.

Soon JT is chowing down on Tanner's dick, his fingers and his lips working that rod. He's an enthusiastic cock-sucker who loves giving a blowjob almost as much as he loves to fuck.


Always happy to return a favor, Tanner gets down with JT's boner, forgetting all about the camera as he fills his mouth with manmeat and does his best to make sure that JT is ready, willing and able...


Looks like that blowjob worked! JT slams Tanner's tender hole good and hard, making him moan and cry out. Looks like Tanner picked the right guy for the job of fucking him!


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