nude rock guy

This lanky fellow best not step into the sunlight or he could lose that tan line. It's already a bit uneven at the edges. It's just something I'm super concerned about. Without his tan line, he'll never get hired at Pizza Hut. Because it really helps to be naked to get an interview at Pizza Hut but that's not enough. You have to have a tan line. It's in their help wanted ads, next to the Equal Opportunity statement.

The depth of my concern is unparalleled. It's so deep it's like very deep because his tan line is important. I'm going to write him a letter. And leave him a voicemail. I might also text. See I'm doing color tests of my ejaculate and need to compare how it looks against the reddish semi-sunburned tan parts of his body and his untanned zones. It's for science.

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