There's a lot about Robert from Latin Jocks to like. His boyish face, lightly muscular body, tan skin... in fact, something that really caught my attention is that Robert has tan lines. I love a guy with tan lines - I don't know why, but the sight of a golden brown body and white ass is hot! And this guy really knows how to tease, but he also really knows how to deliver the goods. What does he deliver? Well, Robert has one of the thickest uncut cocks that I've ever seen!

God DAMN - feast your eyes on that thick slab of of man meat! That uncut latin sausage might be a challenge to get your lips wrap around, but I'm sure a lot of us are up for the challenge.


Robert has an ass that is just as sweet as the rest of him, and it's beautifully pale against the rest of his tanned body. There's nothing like a round, firm butt - gives you more to squeeze.


And for the grand finale, an almost-life-sized closeup of Robert's hard, thick pole standing at attention. Man, this is a sight I can't get enough of, from his tanlines to his rigid latin shaft...


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