Ah, Las Vegas! Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose -- and this time after hours of playing the slot machines, straight boy Bobby Clark lost. He lost big. In fact, Bobby had to do something to earn some money in order to get home. And that's where the folks from Cocky Boys came in. They offered Bobby the cash he needed if he'd jerk off right there at the slot machines. Well, what's a guy to do? I'm guessing if you were that broke you would Bobby did -- he peeled off his jeans, grabbed his cock and started stroking it!

Bobby got off to a slow start because even though they found a closed room in the casino, he still felt pretty funny taking his clothes off right there in the room in front of a bunch of strangers.


Once he is clothes were off, the guy with the camera asked Bobby to put on a little show. He told them to turn around and show that sweet straight ass of his off, and Bobby did.


And then it was showtime! Bobby wrapped his hand around his dick and started stroking right there on the floor of the casino. And soon he wasn't thinking about anything except getting off.


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