We all know that reality T.V can be a harsh, cold and sometimes evil world to live in. What are you to do after your series has come to an end and/or you didn't win jack shit?

Well, the answer to that question is quite simple: Post a naked pic of your cock on the internet and BOOM! You're back in the spotlight! (Well, maybe for less than your original 15 minutes, but hey, something is something!)


This is exactly what Big Brother 8 housemate "Nick" has decided to do, and of course none of the gays are complaining at all! In fact most are wondering why he doesn't put that cock into good use and shove it up some gay's ass or mouth! You all know most of you out there would deep throat the shit outta that! Don't lie!

I know most of you will probably not even remember Nick, but I for one, think he should be remembered not for his time in the Big brother house, but for his hard, juicy, throbbing schlong! I'll leave you now with a little video of Nick telling some random chick what guy he would hook up with "If" he were gay! Yeah, like we haven't heard that old tune before!

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