Daddy DeAngelo directing Bareback Grease Monkeys 2

I recently ran into daddy pornstar Anthony DeAngelo, co-owner and star at Bareback Masters and we got to talking. When we interviewed him before, we didn't get a chance to ask him for porn shoot stories. The kind of thing we don't usually get to hear. And I must say that these are certainly NOT the kind of thing you hear about and are told in a typical Tony style.

Interviewer: You've been in porn for quite a while. Got any unusual or funny porn shoot stories for us?

Anthony DeAngelo: You need to read my book! (in the works) but yeah, pick a topic - let's see.....

How about the one with Tony yelling at the big, mean director when I couldn't remember the 15 paragraphs he had written for me to deliver? And I yelled something like "I'm not an actor - I'm a hired hard-on you *****! - you hired me to FUCK and I'm not saying your stupid fucking lines!"

Or how about the time when I chased the stupid model around the set with a dildo that the model didn't want shoved up his NOT SO willing butt hole. Please note that this was after this same model had pleaded with us to hire him because he SO wanted to get fucked by my daddy cock and daddy's dildo collection. And I've got another one - the story about the model who told us on the set as the lights came on and the camera began rolling that he couldn't go through with the scene because he was afraid that his lover might see the movie.


And how about the time that a director told me to eat somebody's ass out and I said that I wouldn't because it was nasty and smelled like shit and I was NOT being paid to eat shit! and, when the director was unpleasant in response, I signaled for the director to come over and smell the ass for himself!.... I'm always a real kick in the pants on a set - most anyone will tell you the same.



If you want to see more of Anthony DeAngelo, you can see him at his site Bareback Masters.

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