Dildo Fucking Brit

Young British guy Ashley Ryder is a real cutie. He's a good looker and was made famous by Euro Creme, where he was an exclusive model for a while and made several DVDs. Surprisingly, Ashley is 28 years old; I think he looks a lot younger. Better hold onto those boyish good looks for as long as he can. Ashley Ryder is an aggressive bottom boy; and UK Naked Men asked him into their studio to show us just how aggressive. Look at the selection of dildos in this butt boy's bag of tricks. Holy! Aggressive might be one word, but power bottom is certainly another phrase that comes to mind. Ashley starts off showing us his tight butt and his cute, little cock. But what he lacks in dick size he sure makes up for in ability. Ashley doesn't start with any of those smaller dildos or butt plugs. Nope! He grabs one of the biggest and longest dildos off the shelf and promptly makes it disappear up his ass. And I mean disappear! He slides it all the way in until he's sitting on the balls. Wow! That's a talented bottom.

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