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If you can get a gig with Corbin Fisher, I'd jump at it. Not only will you be showing off your cock on the hottest gay porn site on the planet, but Corbin Fisher really treats his guys well. A few months ago, Corbin Fisher flew a handful of his hottest guys over to the Czech Republic to meet up and fuck the hot Euro studs from Bel Ami. (Check out my East Meets West post.) This week, we're seeing the first videos from Corbin Fisher's jaunt down to Costa Rica with a gang of his favourite guys.

Dru and Dawson are really turned on by one another. Dru even comments on how hot Dawson's body is looking these days. Blond guy Dawson has been a mainstay on Corbin Fisher for a long time, but he's mostly in the driver's seat. So this scene with Dru is especially exciting because we get to see Dawson getting his tight butt fucked.

Dru gets Dawson's hole totally drenched in spit, and then, he lies back so Dawson can slowly impale himself onto Dru's big cock. It's been a while since straight boy Dawson has felt a cock up his ass, so he's taking it nice and slow. But eventually, Dawson is buried to the balls and bouncing hard on Dru's stiff cock. The guys keep fucking, moving through a variety of positions, but the cumshot position is my fave. Dawson is on his back and Dru is pounding his hole, and Dawson finally says, "Fuck the cum out of me!" Dru does exactly that as Dawson sprays all over his ripped abs, and then, Dru jumps up, aims his cock at Dawson's mouth, and squirts his load in Dawson's mouth.

Wow! That's hot! Give a straight boy an all-expenses-paid trip to Costa Rica and he'll take it up the butt and swallow a load of cum! I'll have to remember that.

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