This is Manny's first time in front of a camera and I really think he did a great job. BUKBUDDIES know how to bring out the best in their men, whether they're pros or amateurs. Manny could be that bad boy next door to you with the loud motorcycle rumbling away at all hours of the night. Every time he pulls into his driveway you peel back the curtains and soak in his dark leather-clad silhouette. Your rock hard prick pokes from the confines of your underwear as you see him swagger to his front door, peeling the helmet from his sweaty brow. Heading back to bed, you fall into a deep erotic dream. You find yourself dropping to your knees in your mysterious neighbour's front yard, peeling his leather pants down to devour his long, warm cock. Something starts you awake and what do you know! There's Manny right in your bedroom!!


Manny has known for some time that you've been watching him because he's been watching you as well. He knows how bad you want him. You lay in bed, your throbbing erection making a tent of the sheet as Manny strips down to his red, white and blues. Shivering with delight, you ask yourself, "Is this really happening?"


Now you're having a really hard time controlling yourself. You throw back the sheet and grip your now dripping prick hard and stroke it slowly. You don't want to stroke too fast because you might lose it any second. Manny admires your hardness and stares at you intently.


"Oh my God," you mumble to yourself, "there he is." Manny is now completely unclad with his boner hard and swollen, displayed for your undying pleasure. Your restraint has now vanished as you rush over and engulf your dream man's meat like a starving whore. Manny fucks your face like the beast he is. For those looking for more of Manny and many guys just like him, head on over to BUKBUDDIES. You may find your next door neighbour who you've been watching for months from YOUR window. Who knows?

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