Tag Team Wrestling

I've been faithfully following the wrestling matches on Naked Kombat, and I've been loving them. But it never even occurred to me that they could introduce fans to some tag-team naked wrestling. How hot is that? On Friday, December 13 Spencer Reed and DJ took on Patrick Rouge and Dean Tucker. And not only did this foursome wrestle naked, but they did it in front of an audience of 60 screaming men. And the event was streamed live over the Internet! Unfortunately, things don't always work out as we plan. Things were going well in the first round and the guys are all fighting in their red and blue underwear. But in the second round, one of the blue-team guys got injured and had to pull out. That left two on one for the jockstrapped third round. But then another fighter was injured, blue team again. This left Spencer and DJ, the two red team members, alone on the mats. And since the crowd had come to see a wrestler get his ass fucked, Spencer and DJ fought it out. In the end, Spencer Reed wins the match and claims DJ's ass as his prize.

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