Taboo Terminal

You know, the neat thing about Taboo Terminal is that it is completely off the wall in a fetish kind of way. The un-neat thing about it, if you see what I mean, is that it doesn't get updated very often. When I took a look, there hadn't been anything new for some time. But there was a lot of back stuff to check out. Stuff like: fetish cartoons and videos, news on the fetish scene generally and some really strange movies. If you check some of the few additional pages you find that the site describes itself as where nerd, kink and sex collide, so that might give you some idea of what to expect. But make sure that you scroll down to the bottom of the main page to find links to other areas and categories. The site, at first, is laid out like a standard blog but it keeps its categories and topic links at the bottom. Here you can check out comics, strips, new products, and see what's in the news. What there is here is fun and interesting, but I just wish it was more up to date. There were very recent Twitter posts featured in the left column, so there is still someone around, somewhere, and maybe, by the time you click to the site, they will be back. Let's hope so.

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