It's the season finale of So You Think You Can Fuck! And before the winner of the online reality series is named America's favorite porn star, the contenders are asked to channel their inner bitch and make a tough decision. As the guys enter the final stretch, they are each asked to vote for the contestant they think should lose 500 points. Some of them hem and haw, but others go right for their fiercest competition. Now, this might sound provocative and exciting, but this episode is duller than dishwater (excepting the sex) as we are faced with endless voting footage interspersed with grainy night photography. And then when the winner (loser) is finally chosen, the producers decide to inform him alone later that night away from the rest of the group. Talk about an anticlimax. Simon Cowell would have the creators' dicks on a platter!

But despite this major gaffe (and crappy videography), the episode rebounds with an energetic duo from Rick McCoy (a strong contender in our book) and Kevin Crows. The hunks are back in the pool for some standard-issue sucking and fucking, but they sure wow the judges with their underwater 69 session. Where are our swimming goggles!? And before McCoy bottoms out, Crows gives his perfect butt a power fuck with his tongue. Even though they were hoping for a flip-flop ending, the panels agrees that this is a "spectacular scene" featuring "the strongest performances of the season." But will either of these hotties take the prize? It's anybody's ball game! For more information, visit DominicFord.com. And for a quick look back at the season, see our reviews of Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6, Episode 7 and Episode 8.





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