This week's episode of So You Think You Can Fuck marks the end of Round 2, which means that each of the six contestants has been in two scenes. The challenge begins with the guys pairing up to invent a new sexual position. It's not as easy as you would think! The episode's title, "New Jersey Silk Pie," ends up being the winning position, and while all we could come up with was the image of Snooki eating dessert, the porn stars get pretty creative. When it's time for the sex scene, ginger Rick McCoy and swarthy Jimmy Clay dive into the pool for some impressive underwater sucking, but what really wins over the judges is the intense flip-flop fucking. One of the four judges declares it "the best scene yet," and another praises the models' "energy, passion and chemistry." Not too shabby, even though Rick is still whiter than rice (not ideal for displaying the jizz)! What will Round 3 hold? And who will take home the title of America's favorite porn star? We don't know, but host Matthew Rush (who made headlines recently by announcing his retirement from porn) will be there to guide the way. And catch up with our take on Episode 3, Episode 4 and Episode 5. For more information, visit DominicFord.com.




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