It's time for the So You Think You Can Fuck crew to get kinky. The challenge in Episode 5 is for the contestants to compete in a fetish photo shoot. That means they get to choose from a slew of sex toys from Stockroom.com (think cock rings, harnesses, handcuffs, gas masks, you name it) and then try out their sexiest poses in a jailhouse set. The winner gets a gift certificate and 500 extra points in the finale. We won't tell who wins, but it's this season's first tie! Meanwhile, when it comes time for the sex scene, cute twink Jarett Fox is once again on deck, this time with newbie Tony Newport. And while the judges support Jarett's "fat uncut cock" and Tony's "great little ass," they seem underwhelmed by the cliché setup. They are impressed by the models' use of the pile driver position (its first appearance this season), but one judge is worried about splinters from the fence the guys are fucking on. So thoughtful!

Actually, creator and director Dominic Ford says, "You don't want to miss the judges' commentary this week. I usually cut out some of the 'less bright' things they say, but I couldn't help myself and left them in this time." Seriously? We could hardly tell! Stay tuned to see who takes the title of America's favorite porn star. And be sure to check out our write-ups on Episode 3 and Episode 4.



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