Swoonworthy is about sexy celebrities, athletes, rock stars, models, actors and even the occasional politician. So, what the blog does is go around finding horny guys who have had their photos taken and then posting them up for us to see. And just like their About page says, you've got sexy models and actors from all over the place. There may be names you don't know, but I bet there are bodies you'd like to get to know as you scroll down the large images. There's not a lot of text, so not much gets in the way of your naked chests, rugged faces, magazine covers, horny men in suits and sportsmen at work. But there are links off to other places of interest; there are gossip pages, links into social networking sites so you can follow the news around, there's a translator, too, for various languages, and a couple of well placed adverts. But generally you're looking at hot celebs in and out of clothes. (Mainly in, or at least half out.)

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