Calling all swingers! Wow, what a great resource. Wife/Husband swapping, multi-couple orgies. Whatever you're into, Swinging Heaven hooks you up with other couples and singles just like you. You can blog with them, contact them, and even submit you're smoking hot stories for everyone to read. The best thing about this site is that it's totally free. The amount of information and resources is overwhelming. Go over to "Terminology" under the "Information" menu and you won't believe all the sexual definitions. I thought I had a good idea of sexual terminology but boy was I mistaken. I signed up for free and after 10 minutes of browsing I hadn't even touched on the amount of people available for contact. Swinging Heaven is first and foremost a free, yes free, personals site. However, with all the other information available, it's almost like you're in a swingers club. The site is open to any sexual orientation. Hmmm. Sounds interesting. I think I'll go for a swing! On a couple of dicks!!

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