swinging both ways with samuel o'toole

I don't know what this fascination with knowing porn stars' sexuality is. I guess the more and more you see porn, the more you start to wonder: is this just an act? Do I have a chance? Whatever it is, gay porn fans wanna know and they wanna know it now!

The latest porn star to "clear the air" about his sexuality is the ultra-hung, ultra-sexy Samuel O'Toole. (Seriously, who thinks of these names!) He took to his blog and he gave a very, but I mean very, detailed answer to the questions he gets asked all the time which are: Are you bi and do you have a boyfriend?

Here, Samuel broke it down. He said he enjoyed being with a woman as much as he does being with a man and that he pretty much has 3 golden rules: 1. don't be a jackass/cunt 2. be intelligent, and finally 3. have good hygiene. Well, nobody can say the guy is fussy 'cos that all seems pretty straightforward to me.

Then he answered the boyfriend question and you'll be shocked to know that he has been single for 4 years (yikes!) and is not looking for a relationship, either. I think this is great! He is a hot, young guy and is having a good time, why would he want to be tied down to the dramas of a relationship? Good on him!

Mr. O'Toole set the record "straight" and tells all those narrow-minded people: "So do me a favor, open your mind. I promise you won't regret it."

I think I'm in love or lust. O.k, both!

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