Swedish Guy

Freddy is a Swedish guy who stopped by UK Naked Men to show us his stuff. While UK Naked Men is a British site, they've gotten into the habit of showing off some pretty hot European guys as well. I'm all in favour of that. The more the better because European men means uncut cock and that is what really turns me on. Freddy is 23 years old, and he's a tall boy, standing 6 feet and weighing in at 150 pounds. He's a good-looking guy with blonde hair and blue eyes, and he's sporting a couple of day's growth on his face. He starts off his photoshoot with his uncut cock bulging beneath a Speedo. The bathing suit takes the focus off his cock for a few minutes so we can take in his beautiful lean and firm body. And it looks like Freddy is recovering from a shaving accident. His body hair is blonde, but looks like it's been cropped or shaved. Bad boy! When are gay men going to get over their aversion to body hair? When Freddy peels out of his Speedo he reveals a beautiful 7-inch, uncut cock. You're going to like this cute Swedish guy.

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