Naked Scotsman in Kilt

Ryan Petersen is one mixed up man. He's a 6'2" Swedish man living in England and wearing a Scottish kilt. It doesn't matter where he's from because any man looks hot in a kilt. I guess it's the ability to see a man's hairy and bare legs and knowing that his meat is swinging freely under the folds of fabric. And the fact that he's Swedish has me even more excited because I know he's going to be packing an uncut cock. But Ryan is quite the tease, making me wait to see his dick while he slides off his jacket and unbuttons his shirt. He stands bare chested with his feet apart and you know the cool breeze is making his balls feel good. Ryan sits down on the ground and arranges his kilt in such a way that I can see the upper part of his thighs, but still no cock. Finally, we does give us a peek, and it's a delicious piece of uncut meat, completely sheathed is foreskin with a twirling flap of skin off the tip. As his dick falls free, it also starts to stiffen up. What a beautifully thick cock, and he's sporting a healthy set of low hanging balls. He even takes some time to lift up his kilt and give us a look at his tight, round butt. It's a cute one!



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