Circle Jerk Boys

This week Circle Jerk Boys brought together three fan favourites together for a sweaty threeway. Christian Castillo is a Cuban papi with sexy, bedroom eyes, a Latin accent, and a thick, uncut dick. Justin Wells and well-hung Troy Montgomery even out the other two sides of this triangle. These two were featured on Circle Jerk Boys a few weeks back, and they took turns pleasuring each other's dicks. In this threesome episode, watch as Justin and Christian lie back and Troy slobbers all over their dicks. They're both getting really turned on watching Troy sucking, and each guy is eager to feel Troy's mouth back around their own dick. Finally, Justin can't resist the thought of a Troy's tight ass, so he shimmies behind the cock sucker and plays "hide the banana." While Justin pounds Troy's ass, Christian is treated to a long, wet blowjob. And when the three guys are close to bursting, they lie back side-by-side and blast three spectacular loads across their chests and bellies.

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