Phil and Rick from Sportslads are in the locker room, still warm from practice and still wearing their sports kits. Phil can't keep his eyes off Rick's shorts - he wants to see what's under them, and he really wants to sniff the masculine scent from Rick's sweaty balls. Rick decides to give Phil what he wants, and he decides to make the most of the situation. First he teases Phil by gently pushing his face into Rick's warm shorts, filling Phil's nose and mouth with Rick's hidden cock and musky scent.

Rick is always horny, especially after a game, so he pulls out his cock so Phil can get to work on it. Rick holds his head firmly by the hair, pushing Phil's head down so his mouth is filled.


Then Rick ties Phil up, slides out of his shorts and shoves his sweaty shorts into Phil's face. The manly odor turns Phil on something fierce, but he can't get free and doesn't want to...


Finally Rick jacks himself off, shooting a huge load of cum all over Phil's puckered, exposed asshole and leaving it dripping with jizz!


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