Are You Sure You Don't Want To Fuck A Guy? Are You Sure You Don't Want To Fuck A Guy?

"Basically the furthest I've been so far is me getting my dick sucked," says Kendrick. He's a construction worker from Montreal and he just did his first jack-off video for Squirtz. "I don't see myself really fucking or getting fucked." Keep an open mind, Kendrick, you may change it when a producer throws a wad of Benjamins your way, or since this is Canada ... oh forget about it, we just call them hundreds.

Kendrick is a construction worker with the strong and ripped body. He's masculine, a little on the macho side, but he doesn't come across as a douche bag. And if you listen closely, he's got a hint of a French accent. Maybe you won't hear it, maybe it's only something a fellow Canuck picks up. He's not working right now, he's waiting for construction season to start up after the long, cold winter. So he's got some free time to film a jack-off video for a porn site.

He plays hockey with his straight friends and likes to go clubbing with his gay ones. Hmmm ... are you sure you don't see yourself fucking a guy's ass, Kendrick? You've got a nice-looking dick, and I'm sure you'd enjoy feeling it a one of your gay buddy's butts. We'll see, but for now I'm happy to watch you jacking your bone on the couch. Nice load, by the way.

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