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Asses were slugging it out for hours in all-out Tumblr ass war until one ass emerged victorious! It was ass vs. ass in an awe-inspiring struggle to out ass each other in order to claim the ultimate prize. I'm too distracted by the supercutest Tumblr ass above to remember what the prize is but I can say for sure that it is definitely a totally ultimate prize. It may have something to do with a year's supply of skinny jeans. No that can't be it. For obvious reasons.

What were the point categories to determine champion status? Thank you for asking!

  • 10% for inspiring open-mouthed drooling
  • 15% for pumping potential and/or muscles-flexing-in-orgasm potential
  • 22% for bubble-buttedness
  • 13% for confident and shameless display
  • 39% for general assiness
  • 1% for intelligence

And what would a contest be without honorable mentions! In the event that the supercutest Tumblr ass cannot fulfill its duties, it will be up to an honorable mention ass to honor the crown by doing dishonorable things. With me. All night. Twice.

honorable mention cute asses

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