Curtis is one gorgeous, hung young man. He jumps out of these pics with all the sexual charisma one can expect from a professional shoot. What with a taut lean physique, beautiful face and a cock that makes your mouth water for a taste, Buzz West really captured a winner here. Curtis loves to show off and it's very evident here as we take a brief tour of him and what you can expect upon a visit to Buzz West.


I really had to include this great shot of Curtis' splendid ass. My dick strained in my jeans when I first saw it. This pair of buttocks beckons you to grab them and hold on tight. Perhaps take a journey with your hands and fingers to see how far you can get Curtis to go.


We cannot deny Curtis credit for his wonderful set of testicles either. They're quite large wouldn't you say? Just waiting for a hungry for a mouth to feast on them. And that cock! Even flaccid it's fantastic to look at.


I purposely teased you all and waited till the last pic to show you all of Curits. He He. He's damned cute eh?! Look at that luscious hard prick. He's waiting for someone to cum along and service his big rod. Who will it be? Buzz West are one of the best sources for youngsters like Curtis who like to show off their wares. So if you dig that kind of thing and are itching for some release, you know where to go now.

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