super hero tied up and cock edged

It's always nice to see something a little different. The guys over at Men on Edge have been giving us some pretty hot bondage and cock edging sessions, but comic book geeks are going to love this installment! Will Parks is playing a super hero called The Moral Keeper. On this particular night, he doesn't realize that he's being stalked by The Evil Edgemaster -- what kind of a super hero is he? Maybe he needs some Spidy senses.

The Evil Edgemaster jumps our superhero and transports him to his spaceship. The Moral Keeper's hands are chained above his head and as the villain starts teasing him, we see Will's cock stiffening under his costume. The Moral Keeper is slowly stripped out of his uniform and he's got a very hard, muscled body and a hot cock, too.

Parks is flogged, but his cock betrays him and remains rock hard through the whole beating. Then our evil villain uses a fucksall on the super hero's cock, which pumps Will's large, hard dick and brings him perilously close to spilling his juice. By the time The Moral Keeper is forced to squat on a dildo, he's begging for mercy, not to be let go, but to shoot his load. Finally, The Evil Edgemaster decides it's time to put our hero out of his misery and jacks him off slowly and allows him to spew his cum load all over the floor. And that's how you bring a super hero to his knees!

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