Fat Cock

When Circle Jerk Boys was in California recently, Shawn responded to the ad for a job behind the scenes. But the 25-year-old ended up stripping out of his clothes and getting in front of the camera, too. And thank goodness the Circle Jerk Boys decided to share him with us. Look at that super fat cock! Geezuz! Wrapping your lips around a thick dick like that is going to take some talent, but I'd be up for the challenge. His cock is only 7 inches long, which is respectable, but his beer-can girth would definitely fill you up rather nicely. And Shawn is sporting a nice set of low hangers. At the beginning of the shoot, they're loose and dangling between his legs, but as he pumps his fat cock and gets excited, they start to tighten up. Shawn also gives us a view of his ass - another one of his hot assets. His butt is round and beefy and fairly smooth except for a line of hair crawling between his butt cheeks. Shawn jacks off and shoots a thick pool of cum of his belly. And as he relaxes in the post-orgasmic euphoria, the creamy stream of cum trickles down towards his navel.



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