There's something really hot about watching a couple of guys in suits going at it. I tend to over analyze things, so I'm always thinking about why I find it such a turn-on. And I guess it's partially the forbidden element. Men in suits are supposed to be professional, straight-laced, and all about business. But when you see a couple of guys ripping off their suits, they're going against convention. The other thing that's really hot about men in suits is the layers. It takes some time to peel off the jacket, maybe a vest, the tie, the shirt, the pants, the underwear, and finally, the socks. And with the removal of each layer, we get to see a little more. This picture is from the latest update at Men at Play, where Carl and Korben are going at it. I just love this picture because it highlights that contradiction I was talking about, that bucking of convention. Suited up man with his big cock sticking out of his fly; cock sucker down on his knees with his forehead banging against a Huge Boss belt buckle. It's perfect. It's hot.

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