When you think of a Greek island what do you imagine? Sun, clear seas, good food, nightlife, parties, swimming...? How about ancient history and mythology? How about ghosts from the past and ancient curses? And how about horror stories and suicides?

"The Judas Curse" is a new psychological horror film in the making, and the plan is to film it on a quiet, beautiful Aegean island, Symi. So, your next vacation could see you taking a horror walk on a peaceful Greek island; move over Mama Mia! Here comes Judas. And he is out for revenge.

But why Greece? Traditionally, Greece had a very low suicide rate to go along with its culture, traditions, and unstressed way of life. But then Greece had lots of tourists, some coming for the culture, but most coming for the great holiday atmosphere to be in a place where you can't help but unwind. But recently there has been a sharp rise in suicides among Greek nationals because of the enormous stresses of the debt crisis. Suicide in paradise you might say.

One of the main "products" Greece can sell is tourism and a good surge in tourism will help put the economy back on its feet, especially in the islands where many people depend on it and have no job during the out-of-season period.

Although "The Judas Curse" is a horror film, one of its aims is to help boost tourism to the small Aegean island of Symi. The film makes interesting and unusual use of the location, focusing on the romantic ruins of Horio (the old village) rather than the pretty postcard aspects of the island. But even ruins can attract film tourism. The film also picks up on the suicide issue but presents another (fictional) interpretation. And the film also picks up on the interesting relationship Greece has always had with Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Christ. There is, on Symi, along with other islands and throughout Greece, and annual burning of Judas on Easter Sunday.

So, a mix of ancient curses and mythology, nasty deaths and suicides (horror fans will not be disappointed) and the stunning landscape of a little known Greek island. Will it work? Check out the teaser/trailer and see for yourself.

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