Sugar Cum Is Yum! Sugar Cum Is Yum!

Got a special buddy with some funky spunk? Well, a new all-natural product could be the answer to all your cum-swallowing needs! Produced by Hipleasures, Sugar Cum is a "secretion sweetener" that is being billed as a 100-percent-safe herbal remedy that actually improves the taste of your, um, bodily fluids. The pills contain wheatgrass, cinnamon and a blend of fruits (including pineapple, acai and papaya), plus antioxidants, which make it nutritionally and sexually stimulating. Just two capsules an hour before you get busy will put an end to bitter, salty or just plain nasty jizz. (It sweetens precum, too!) Hipleasures CEO Brittani Feinberg tells GayDemon that the Miami-based company has no specific plans to market to gay men (it also works on women), but it seems like a natural to us. And according to GayDemon's independent taste-testing panel, this shit works like a charm. Our team of thirsty tasters agree: Sugar Cum is yum! For more information, visit Hipleasures.

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