Meet Paco. He's a married straight man from New York, and if there's one thing he can't say no to, it's a good blowjob. Unfortunately after a few years of marriage, his wife has pretty much lost interest in servicing Paco's meat. Luckily for him, there's New York Straight Men. After hearing how much he loved getting sucked, they hooked Paco up with resident cocksucker Bobby, who loves nothing more than getting his mouth filled with straight cock. Bobby does whatever it takes to make sure every man he sucks is fully satisfied...

At first, a lot of the straight guys Bobby gets his hands - and mouth - on are a little nervous. They haven't done a porn shoot before, and they've never let another guy suck on their meat.


Bobby lets his tongue wander, not only licking and slurping on the shaft, but paying attention to Paco's tender balls. If there's one thing Bobby loves, it's using his lips and tongue to make the man he's sucking forget that he's nervous.


Once Paco is really into it, he forgets who's doing the sucking and just concentrates on how good it feels. He grabs Bobby by the head and fucks his face and Bobby loves every second that he's sucking that straight cock!


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