sucking on fat cock

Hung Down Under brings us a hot episode with the large-cocked Chad and the equally well-hung Patrick in a date for the ages. Patrick practically worships Chad's large dick, sucking away on it for a small Eternity and seeming to relish the taste and sensation of having that hard cock down his throat. It is Oral City when Patrick lies down and lets Patrick straddle his chest, shooting his cock even deeper and making for incredible groaning sexuality between the guy with his mouth full gagging and sucking even harder and the worked-up dude on top, groaning in absolute sensational ecstasy himself. Things take an even hotter turn when they start fucking. These guys were honestly really into this shoot. The sex got loud and raucous, the closer they got to cumming. In the end, there is an explosion of cum on both men's parts, just a bathing delight in pure animal sexual tension-release as they both experience what has to be a peak experience. The neighbors will be talking about this one for years, according to the folks at Hung Down Under.

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