I sure never had a boss who looked like this, if I did I would likely never have quit my job. Maxx here is a beautiful, bald man. He's got a hard smooth body and a great ass. It would certainly be a pleasure to take my orders from a man like this. The problem is that I don't know how much work I'd get done with something like this wandering around the office. He looks so sexy in a suit. And I'm sure I'd end up with a discipline problem just so I could be called into his office over and over again. As he balls me out for something I did, I imagine getting up and closing the office door, and then, walking over and squatting between his big beefy thighs while I undo his shirt buttons and tie. He's got a gorgeous chest -- hard, smooth, and feels good to the touch. I undo his slacks and slide my hand inside his pants, and then, his boxers. His cock is thick and I slide it into my mouth. It sure feels good. Maxx doesn't seem to mind or protest. It's as if this is a regular, daily occurence for him. What a hot scenario this would be: pulling out your boss's cock and sucking him off right there at his desk. Yum!

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