Sucking Gangster Cock

Rudy told the guys at Bi Latin Men that he wanted to service some gangster cock, so they hooked him up with Sniper. And this stud makes me want to take a walk through the alleys and back lanes of Spanish Harlem to see what I can find. I have this fantasy of stumbling across a Latino gangster smoking in an back alley. As I walk by him he begins to follow me. In a minute or so he has caught up with me and pushes me behind a large garbage bin. He grabs me by the shirt and pushes me up against the wall. He gets in my face and growls, "You like to suck cock, bitch?" He pulls out his huge, uncut cock and pushes me to my knees, saying, "Here ... feed on this. And suck it like you mean it." Rudy here wasn't walking down any alleys, but he got to suck a nice piece of gangster cock in a more private setting. And Sniper has a great cock. It's long and a little on the thick side. Rudy sucks Sniper's cock until it's rock hard, and then, the cock sucker hoists his leg while Rudy stuffs his ass full of cock.

Sucking Fat Latino Cock

Fucking Latino Cock

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