Sucking a Fat Cock

Look at that fat cock! What a great piece of meat. I'm so envious of Eli who gets to chow down on Rex's fat cock. Rex is a 25-year-old ex-Marine and he's still got some of the military beef. He's probably not as hard and chiseled as he was back in the service, but his body is still hot! And that ass of his! Geezuz ... it's beautifully round and a little furry. I wished that Rex was the one getting fucked in this video. But no, that would be Eli. He's a cute, young Cuban guy who loves sucking a healthy piece of cock. So he's quite at home with Rex's fat cock. Eli just lies back in a chair and lets this Marine pump his mouth full of dick. What a turn-on! Then Eli gets down on his knees between those beefy legs and swallows some more cock. But eventually Rex wants to feel his cock sliding into Eli's ass. After pounding Eli's ass hard, Rex and Eli lie together and jack off. Rex sprays his load first and Eli isn't far behind him.

Sucking a Fat Cock

Fucking Ass

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