Max is 18, cute as hell, and he works in a gay bar in Berlin. Most of the guys who hang out at this bar are between 18 and 25, but one day Phillipp comes in. He's 35, which is not usually Max's cup of tea, but the chemistry between these two was immediate. Max decided to tease Phillipp by pulling out his cock and showing it off. Turnabout is fair play, because it doesn't take long before Phillipp has unwrapped his tool so that Max can indulge himself by tasting that massive swollen meatpole.

Once Phillipp gets started, he's very sexually aggressive. Soon he has 18 year old Max on his knees worshipping the older man's cock with his mouth, his head held down by Phillipp's firm hand.


Phillipp and Max go somewhere a little more private, and soon Max's ass is spread so that Phillipp can lick and tease his hungry hole while Max explores between Phillipp's thighs.


Since Phillipp can't wait to suck on Max's boy cock, and Max wants more of the older man's rod, the guys decide to try a little 69, hungrily slurping each others' dicks and driving each other wild!


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