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Well it took a while, but Gage finally made it back to Corbin Fisher. Back in January I blogged about his plump cock head, and at the time, I wondered if Gage would be back. He's straight, so you never know with these guys. Nevertheless, I can usually tell just by looking at them who will be back. I think I have Corbin Fisher's type nailed down to a tee. And there's no doubt that Gage has Corbin Fisher potential. But as with all new guys to the site, Gage has to go through his Corbin Fisher education. So today he starts with his first blowjob from another guy. And when it came time for Gage to take the first step, there was no doubt that Derek and his cock sucking enthusiasm would be the best choice. Derek goes to work on Gage's tight body, licking his muscles and chest all over.They even get into some kissing, which is a nice treat. A lot of times these first-timers are a little too tense to go that far, it's quite enough that they have a guy bobbing up and down on their cock. Gage's dick gradually grows from soft to fully rock-hard in Derek's skillful mouth. And throughout the video Gage does this thing where he reaches up and place one or both hands behind his head, not in a macho I AM BIG kind of way, but in a tender, Oh Fuck, I Can't Believe This Feels This Good kind of way. At the end of the video, Gage completely drenches Derek's muscular chest. And while most of it landed on Derek, the first spurt flew right over Derek's shoulder. Hot!

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