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Tony Michaels just returned from a trip to the Big Apple and he was surprised at how many people recognized him. And why wouldn't they, aside from being a hot guy, he's one of the few guys who has appeared on Circle Jerk Boys, Men Over 30, and Extra Big Dicks. Several models have appeared on two of the three brother sites, but Tony has sucked and fucked his way through all three. Alex Charge is a 22-year-old, Florida native and he's into whatever feels good. And this week that would be Tony's mouth and his tight butt. When Alex enters the room and finds Tony working at his desk, he gets down on his knees and fishes Tony's cock out of his jeans. He lovingly licks Tony's cock and balls, and then, Tony has his turn. Alex's cock is an inch longer than Tony's and a lot thicker, but Tony's an experienced guy, so he has no trouble sliding his mouth down Alex's thick cock -- right down to the balls. But Tony does wince a little when Alex slides that big fucker inside Tony's ass. But it's not long before Alex is hitting all the right spots and Tony's balls are emptying all over his belly!

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