Sucking a Big Cock

Fuck! I can see why Santiago is savouring Mikail's big fat cock. It's a beauty. And not the kind of cock that you want to suck quickly. Santiago starts at the tip, licking, kissing and sucking Mikail's cock head. And then, he slowly works his way down the shaft, sliding every inch into his hungry throat. In spite of the fact that he wants to feel that big cock fucking his ass, Santiago wants to enjoy these first few minutes. When he's had his fill, Santiago lies back and let's Mikail slide his fat cock deep inside of his raw hole - inch by inch until Mikail's pelvis is pressed up tight against Santiago's fuck hole. And 21-year-old Mikail is a master fucker - he knows how to fuck a guy's ass and make him feel good. Of course Santiago is no slouch either. He's got a nice piece of meat, too, and once his fuck hole is satisfied, Mikail pulls out and jacks off a load. This sends Santiago over the edge and he shoots a stream of cum all over his buddies bare chest. You're going to enjoy this video.

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