Getting "Sucked Off" With Chi Chi LaRue

Directrix Chi Chi LaRue is known for her blowjobs--or for filming them anyway! Who can forget 1996's All You Can Eat, her classic celebration of oral sex? Now, LaRue is back with Sucked Off In Weird Places for a new generation of cock gobblers. Besides intense dick and cum eating, we get a great title, too! The first two scenes from the movie are currently available, and the casting is on point as usual. For the first duo, LaRue matches up an old discovery, veteran superstar Johnny Hazzard, who debuted in 2005's Wrong Side of the Tracks, with a new one, Jason Phoenix (above). In an industrial warehouse, the tattooed studs make magic with their mouths. Johnny obviously enjoys foreskin, which Jason offers in abundance, and Phoenix really gets into the hot 69 play. The second scene finds Trenton Ducati getting nasty in a bathroom with Lex Sabre (below). There's major uncut deep-throating and even some upside-down acrobatics. Hmmm, maybe the titular "weird places" will show up in the next installments!? For more info, visit Channel 1 Releasing.


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