Ty is a Caribbean guy living in New York. He's tall, hot - and he's got a great big thick black cock. He's straight, but he was also pretty horny, and he didn't want to have to wine and dine some chick in order to shoot his load - he just wanted to get his dick sucked. And that's where New York Straight Men comes in. They hooked him up with Bobby, their in-house cocksucker extraordinaire. He's always happy to wrap his lips around a new piece of straight meat, the bigger, the better.

Bobby is passionate when it comes to sucking cock - he's an artist who can play a straight rod just like it was a Stradavarius, and he couldn't wait to show Ty his skills.


As soon as Bobby really got going, Ty was willing to forget all about whether the person servicing his schlong was a guy or a girl. All he was aware of was that fucking that hot mouth felt really really good!


Once he got close, Ty forgot about anything except shooting his load. He just closed his eyes, put his hands on the back of Bobby's head so he could keep him from pulling away, threw his head back and enjoyed the ride!


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