Feast your eyes on this hunky puero rican New York straight guy! His name is Sal and he came to New York Straight Men because he heard he could get paid to get his cock sucked and his girlfriend won't suck his dick. Well, Ben is a sucker for straight schlong, and when he got a look at Sal he had to suck on that straight puero rican piece of meat. And once Sal relaxed a little, he just threw his head back and enjoyed the ride as one of the best cocksuckers in New York went to work on him.

Once Ben had given Sal the full treatment, Sal wasn't thinking of whether a guy or a girl was sucking on his shaft - he was just interested in one thing: he wanted MORE!


Gotta love this shot. Not only do we get to see Ben blowing Sal but this is also a great view of Sal's tight balls and his firm, nicely rounded ass. What a view!


Closeup anyone? Man, this pic is hot - what a threesome fantasy. It looks as if you can just lean forward and get your face in between Sal's cheeks while Ben keeps sucking on his cock.


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